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Buy to let mortgages lincoln, buy to let mortgage advice lincoln

Buy to Let

A buy to let mortgage (sometimes referred to as an investment mortgage) is designed for borrowers who want to let their property out to a third party. 

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Buy to Let Mortgages

More and more people are investing in property as a long-term opportunity to make profitable returns, and as a way of securing finance for their retirement.

However, becoming a private landlord should not be seen as an easy way of making money as it can be riskier and more complicated than some other forms of investment. It can also be time consuming and there is no guarantee that house prices will rise.


That said, having a second (or subsequent) property to let to tenants could reap considerable financial rewards over time.

There are now hundreds of competitive mortgage schemes available that are specifically aimed at the buy to let market, ranging from special offer buy to let mortgage deals to fixed and variable rate options.

It’s now also recognised that some landlords have become so almost by accident, giving rise to a ‘Consumer Buy To Let’ category – perhaps having inherited a property and even a tenant.

There are a number of  aspects to consider when looking to invest in a Buy to Let property & subsequently a Buy to Let mortgage, which we've outlined in the guide below. 

How we can help

Our expert advisers are here to help you understand if purchasing a Buy to Let property is right for you. Their vast experience of this area of the property market allows our advisers a unique insight, ensuring that the best buy to let mortgage deal is sourced for you. 

 From a chat about whether a Buy to Let property is the right investment for you, to sourcing Landlords Insurance, our advisers are here to help. 

Call us on 01522 540777 or e-mail to discuss your options. 

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