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Our History

2011 - 2022

White Mortgages Ltd was formed in 2011 by Steven White CeMAP who, in 2013, was joined by his brother Robert Dip CII, Cert CII(MP) and then by Mark Sutton Cert PFS, Cert CII(MP) in 2017, and who today form the Management Team at White Mortgages. Their combined years of industry experience has resulted in a thriving business, based in the heart of historic Lincoln, helping clients throughout the United Kingdom.​


In 2022, Mattioli Woods plc, one of the UK’s leading wealth management and employee benefits businesses, approached White Mortgages Ltd with a proposition.


There was a mutual synergy with the way both companies operated and it soon became apparent that both firms would benefit from the alliance. Mattioli Woods had no mortgage service to offer their clients and we had no ability to help our clients with broader financial products, such as pensions, investments and other wealth management services.

2023 & beyond

Following a period of discussion, in April 2023, Mattioli Woods plc acquired a 50.1% share of our business, with the remaining shares owned by Steven, Robert & Mark.


From that point forwards, Mattioli Woods could refer their clients to us for help with mortgage and protection cover needs and we in turn are now able to refer any of our clients, who are looking for other financial help, to Mattioli Woods.

It’s very much ‘business as usual’ for White Mortgages following the acquisition, with the same team continuing to run the business day to day, helping our clients as we always have. From the very beginning, our philosophy as a Company has been set clearly towards treating our customers fairly and building good relationships with them, both new and existing. Mattioli Woods also embrace these core principles and together we strive to ensure the best outcome for our clients with all their financial dealings.

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