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Specialist Schemes

Specialist schemes are schemes that are associated with your mortgage with the common aim of helping you to purchase your home. 

Moving House

Where do I start with specialist schemes?

Specialist schemes often sound more complex than they actually are. From the Forces Help to Buy scheme to Retirement Interest Only mortgages, our advisors can help you understand what scheme, if any, is best for your circumstances. 

As a starting point, here is White Mortgages Ltd's Guide to Specialist Schemes. 


This guide is not an exhaustive explanation and you’ll probably still have questions such as:

  • What are the advantages of buying with this scheme, rather than without it?

  • Are there any disadvantages?

  • How do I apply?

  • How do I pay it back?

  • When do I pay it back?

  • Can I buy any home with it?

  • Do I still need a deposit of my own?

  • Do all mortgage Lenders accept all these schemes?


We can answer all the above queries and many more, based upon your specific circumstances, once we’ve met established your circumstances.

Specialist Mortgage FAQs

Do I have to be a first time buyer to get a mortgage scheme?

Not necessarily, there are schemes that are specifically aimed at First Time Buyers, like the First Homes scheme, but many of the schemes can be utilised by previous home owners and first time buyers alike. If you're interested in using a scheme to buy your property, your mortgage adviser will be able to find out your eligibility and talk you through the options available to you.

Do all lenders accept these schemes?

One of the main advantages of using a mortgage adviser is that they will find the best mortgage product for your circumstances. This means that they scour the whole of the market to ensure they find a lender, who accepts the scheme with the best terms for you. 

Next Steps


Book a call with an adviser

Not sure where to start? 

Book a call with our expert advisers today to discover what mortgage deals could be available to you. 

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Download the Guide

Find out what to expect from your experience with White Mortgages by downloading our easy to follow guide to the house buying process. 

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Prepare for your Appointment

Before your first appointment, you'll be sent a link to our online Portal where you can upload the documents the team have asked for. 

By doing this before the appointment, your adviser is able to gain a deep understanding of what mortgages could be available to you.

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