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Remortgaging - why use a broker when you can go direct?

When you approach the end of your fixed rate deal, your lender will send you emails and letters with offers of what you could expect when you remortgage with them. It can be very tempting to simply respond and say “Yes go ahead! I don’t want the hassle!” but just because your current lender had the best deal previously, it doesn’t mean that they have the best deal for you now.

Lenders are keen to keep hold of your business, so may offer you a good deal but without exploring the whole of the mortgage market with one of our advisers you could be missing out on potential savings.

Remortgaging is relatively simple, as you’re not having to go through the process of purchasing. There is a legal aspect to the process but it is a much more straight forward one as you already own the property. Many lenders offer ‘free legals’ when you choose to remortgage your property, which is an additional saving. Our admin team are in regular contact with the solicitors that are assigned to your case too.

When you remortgage with one of our advisers, you will have the opportunity to discuss the different options that you have with your remortgage. Perhaps you’ve been saving hard and want to put some additional capital into your home? Or maybe you’re in a position to increase your monthly repayments so that you’re able to reduce the term (how many years your mortgage is over)? Whatever your circumstances, our advisers can help you find the best solution for you.

If you’re interested in remortgaging, take a look at our latest posts over on social media & this article on our Resource Hub or book a call with one of our advisers by completing the form below.

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