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White Mortgages Covid-19 Statement

Whilst we continue to monitor the situation, it’s clear Coronavirus (Covid-19) will remain with us for some time yet. Following Government advice, initially in an effort to delay the spread of Coronavirus, we moved to non-face to face appointments wherever possible and will continue this approach for the foreseeable future as the last 18 months have shown that our clients receive the same exceptional service as they would in a face to face appointment.

What does this mean in practice?

Fundamentally, it's 'business as usual' other than our physical face to face appointments are being replaced by a telephone conversations instead, which have worked well over the last 18 months. We took this step at the onset on the lock down measures to help protect both our clients & staff and, through these measures, we’ve continued to arrange appropriate mortgages and / or protection for our clients and process all applications in our usual efficient manner.

Going forward, we can still gather all information and answer any queries you have via the telephone, or electronic means, without any detriment to the service you receive. Indeed, you may even find this better as we can also arrange conference calls for couples at different locations too, and save you the journey to our office, as people return to work.

When preparing for your appointment, we now have the Client Portal which allows you to securely upload your ID & documents that are required for your appointment.

If you have the facility to scan and upload via our secure portal, then there is no need for you to actually visit the office at all. For those without the ability to scan or upload documents, we can minimise everyone's exposure by arranging for a short visit to the office purely to sign documents and / or copy paperwork, if / when necessary.

We hope you can appreciate our decision to do this and support us in agreeing to these 'remote' meetings.

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