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Your Questions Answered: Why do we revisit protection at each mortgage?

We review our car insurance on a regular basis, so why wouldn’t we review our personal protection cover regularly as well?

Life changes at the drop of a hat, so when you remortgage, it is a natural prompt to look again at the personal protection you have in place as well. Perhaps there has been a change in job, which has better sick pay benefits so you need to review your Income Protection? Or maybe you have recovered from a serious illness and can now think about applying for critical illness cover?

It may be that the cover that you currently have is more than satisfactory and there isn’t a better option out there to move to, but surely, it’s always best to check? If we can’t find a better alternative, we won’t suggest making a change. Why change it if it isn’t broken?

If you’ve increased the amount of money you’re borrowing, it may be that your current protection doesn’t cover the full amount. This is a prime example of why we revisit protection when remortgaging.

You’re more than welcome to speak to your adviser about revisiting your protection at any time. However it’s an easy thing to slip to the bottom of the to do list, which is why we draw attention to it at each remortgage.

If your circumstances have changed, don’t forget to book in an appointment to discuss your protection needs.

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