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Equity Release 

in conjunction with Age Partnership

As you move towards retirement, accessing lending can become more challenging however our expert advisers will help you understand the best scheme for you. There are a number of options available to you, including Retirement Interest Only mortgages, which afford you the security of a mortgage with no set end date.  RIOs are an excellent alternative to Equity Release schemes, which effectively see you selling all or part of your home to the Lender. 

If you're unsure as to which direction is the best for you, call to speak with one of our advisers & they'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Equity Release plans are available to the over 55's as a way of accessing extra cash without having to move home. With some equity release plans there are no repayments to make, and with a lifetime mortgage, you continue to own your home. Plans all come with a 'no-negative equity guarantee' which means you will never pass on debt to loved ones, and some plans include an option to guarantee an inheritance.  

The money raised can be used for various objectives once you’ve repaid your mortgage, including:

  • Home improvements

  • One-off purchase e.g. car, caravan or holiday

  • Enjoy a more comfortable retirement

  • Help friends or family members financially


We know that this can be a big decision to make. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Age Partnership, the over 50s money experts, who have helped over one million people decide if equity release is right for them. As well as being multi-award winners, they work with well-known leading lenders across the whole of the market to secure the most suitable plan for your circumstances.


They offer their customers free personalised equity release quotations, with no obligation to proceed, and can answer any questions you may have including whether it's right for you, the effect on the amount of inheritance you can leave, and if your entitlement to means-tested benefits could be affected now or in the future.

Simply fill out the form below to begin the process of understanding what equity release is possible for you. 

Disclaimer; when you take out an equity release plan with Age Partnership through this link, White Mortgages Ltd may receive a small commission. 

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